About Us

Ysgol Llannon is a primary school for pupils aged between 4 and 11 years old. The school is situated in the village of Llannon, about half way between the towns of Aberystwyth and Aberaeron. The school is maintained by Ceredigion local authority. Welsh is the main language medium of the school and the aim is to ensure that pupils are completely bilingual by the time they transfer to the secondary school.

Our Aim

Our Vision

We are very proud to share our strategic purpose and aspirations for every pupil. Our vision has been created in partnership, steered by our community and owned by our children, staff, governors and parents. We engaged and consulted with the pupils, parents, stakeholders and the wider society in order to ensure a voice for everyone. The school is a safe and supportive community of pupils, staff, governors and parents. Every individual is valued and strives to reach their full potential in a culture of inspiration where success is celebrated. Llannon school strongly believes that pupils should be at the heart of the teaching and learning process and that pupils should own their school and constantly make informed choices about what and how they learn and therefore embed the 12 pedagogical principles below to achieve the vision is essential.

Our Values

Field trip on llanon beach
Llannon Community Primary School • Stryd yr Ysgol, Llannon, Ceredigion SY23 5HX
E-mail: prif@llannon.ceredigion.sch.uk • Tel: 01974 202 478